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  • Brand Name: The Robbi Group
For Potential Dealers

Grinding & Turning Machine Dealer Reseller Opportunity

Are you seeking to expand your existing business or customer base? Are you qualified to start or expand a machine tool business?

Ecotech Machinery is currently receiving applications from qualified people or businesses that wish to expand in, or become involved with, the machine tool industry. There exists a tremendous opportunity in the U.S.A. and the world for businesses that specialize in various aspects of the machine tool industry. Those that establish themselves now will be in a great position to ride the wave of new growth in this industry.

Our dealer program is tailored to fit any size of business. Whether you are adding this as a new division of an existing company, gradually easing into a full-time career-related to machine tools, or looking for a new career opportunity, we can help guide and support you. Many local agencies may offer start-up financing and guidance for new entrepreneurs. Agencies exist to offer workforce retraining especially due to closures of a major employer in your area.

We want to clarify that managing a machine tool dealership is not intended to be a hobby or back burner endeavor. New dealers are expected to have a specific basic business plan and the skills to carry it out successfully.

Here are some of the dealer benefits:

  • Inventory: We maintain a large inventory in our warehouse in Atlanta, GA. We also have shipping agreements with companies across the nation.
  • Accurate and reliable product delivery: Our goal is 100% accuracy on orders and delivery schedules. Our electronic services automatically inform you of the status of your shipment.
  • Non-competition commitment: We do not compete against our dealers! We will work with you to ensure a successful contract award, no matter how large the project.
  • Competitive pricing: We regularly and carefully review our pricing to ensure it is competitive.
  • Quality products: Our product lines have been carefully selected and evaluated according to strict performance criteria. We carry only top-quality products that live up to their claims.
  • System design and engineering services: Our highly skilled staff is here to help you determine the best solutions for your customers.
  • Website Integration: Dealers who wish to have a strong web presence can link into our product database for product information.
  • Tradeshows: Our professionally designed tradeshow booth is available to dealers. Depending on the location and scope of the show, we may be able to assist with staffing and/or manufacturer representation. We can help you with planning, literature and information, sales tools, and lots of tradeshow tips and tricks.
  • Marketing assistance: We can help you refine and polish your marketing plan. Our graphic design team can create eye-catching print ads, signs, banners, websites, etc.

If you are qualified and are interested in pursuing a dealership, please submit the online form here or belowPlease note Dealer applications are being accepted at this time.

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  • Brand Name: The Robbi Group

Contact Us

716 Morning Glory Way NE Atlanta, Georgia 30324

We're here to serve and answer your industrial machine questions.

Fill out the form on this page and let's talk about what you need.

Call Us at 770-279-2001

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  • Brand Name: The Robbi Group

Repair &

Machine Maintenance Service

We want to ensure you get the most life out of your grinders, lathes, and other industrial machines. Whether it is preventative maintenance, service calls, or remote support, the Ecotech Machine Tool team is here to serve you and your machine maintenance needs.

Our Machine Support Services

  • Preventative Maintenance Program

    Semi-Annual or Annual

    Proactively protect your machine investment with an annual or semi-annual inspection. Upon review, we'll advise and address any issues that will improve the machine's operations and extend its life. Keep your industrial machines running and we'll supply the parts.

  • Machine Testing & Tune-Up

    Keep Your Machine In Tip Top Shape

    Every machine with numerous moving parts requires ongoing maintenance to keep it running well and extend its lifetime. As part of our service offering, we'll check and address key elements of your machines. This includes checking the level, seals, bearings, oils, hydraulics, spindle oil levels, possible leaks, filters, easily worn parts, and loose bolts. We'll also check your finished machine parts for accuracy. While there is an extra fee for releasing a stuck table, it's not worth messing with thousands of pounds of a machine to fix it yourself.

  • Machine Re-Leveling

    No More Crooked Machines

    Industrial machines used over long periods of time with intense activity will often get unleveled. Strong enough earthquakes can also break a machine's equilibrium. With an unlevel machine, you can expect finished parts to incorrectly come out and flawed barreling and taper effects on your pieces. In bad cases, the surface can chatter even with anchor bolts in place.

    But, we'll relevel your machine to get you back on the high production track. Our technical support team using a professional machinist level, wedges, specialized adjusters, and other unique tools ensure your machine's front-to-back and right-to-left levels are right. 

  • Support Service

    On-site and Remote

    Tap into our service support team and we'll work with you to resolve your machine problems remotely by phone or video conferencing. Especially for older machines, we can work with you via video to review and resolve situations.

    If it's more serious or hazardous, we can rule out solving it remotely and we'll send a technician to your location to resolve with parts in hand (when we know what might be wrong).

Additional Industrial Machine Services

Delivering The Service You Need When It Matters Most
  • Tailstock & alignment services
  • Resolving dings and deep scrapes in table surfaces
  • Matching surfaces
  • Line pressure & spindles (including hydro-static spindles)
  • Tightening & lubricating moving machine components
  • Remote & on-site training
  • Release stuck tables

With a strong and excellent team of mechanical, programming, and electrical technicians, our thoroughly trained specialists are here to serve your installation and service needs. Translators are even available if needed.

Contact Ecotech Machine Tool

Machine Service Available

Email us using the following form or give us a call at 770-279-2001.

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  • Brand Name: The Robbi Group

About Ecotech Machine Tool, LLC.

Quality Sourced. American Supported.

With several decades of experience in the manufacturing arena each, Curtis Gibbs and Richard Bembas launched Ecotech Machine Tool, a vocational evolution of their prior industrial machine sourcing employer, in 2020. 

Hardworking and entrepreneurial, this dynamic duo set out to build the type of company they could be passionate about while also delivering the quality machines their clients expected; with an added focus on machines developed in reputable areas of the world.

Their primary focus for sourcing these industrial machines comes from Europe and secondary Asian areas.

Based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Ecotech Machine Tool is able to serve American companies with purchasing, parts, and ongoing support to ensure their American-based production is reliable and strong.

Continue Reading the Ecotech Machine Tool Story

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

Ronald Reagan

Meet the Team

  • Curtiss Gibbs

    Curtis Gibbs - President

    Co-Founder & Strategic Brainpower

    Grown in an experimental laboratory in an unknown and secret Pennsylvanian laboratory, Curtis Gibbs eventually became human.

    He entered the workforce during the early eighties as an application engineer before finally finding his sweet spot as a sales leader helping companies find the machine that will bring them and their product lines great joy.

    Curtis values the sweet southeast sunsets, the perfect sound of purring industrial machines, and he also dedicates his extra time to mowing the lawns of Piedmont Park, located in downtown Atlanta.

  • Richard Bembas - Vice President

    Co-Founder & Operational implementer

    Born in the midwest, Richard served our country in the United States Navy in the early eighties working in the engine room as a machinist mate. He eventually transplanted to the Atlanta, Georgia area as his vocational journey wove him through high production and automotive manufacturing jobs across the United States.

    In the mid-nineties, he shifted gears (metaphorically) entering the machine tools industry with a focus on supporting CNC machines. His role evolved into sales and purchasing before finally setting off on his own with Ecotech Machine Tools selling the machines that made the gigantic machine he once worked inside during his military service.

    Also known as Rick, he enjoys long strolls in the deep forests of Georgia, seeing his lovely grandkids, and training his colorful labrador retriever.

  • John Wayne

    Favorite Movies: The Searchers, Stagecoach, Rio Bravo, Red River, & The Quiet Man

    While John Wayne is in no way affiliated with Ecotech Machine Tool, his spirit lives on through our machines. 

You Want Industrial Machines. We've Got Them.

Looking for an Industrial Machine? Have Questions?

Contact Us

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  • Brand Name: The Robbi Group

Delivering Industrial Machines That Make The World We Live & Work

Industrial Grinders, Lathes, & Milling

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Our Industrial Machines

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Giant old machine

Ecotech Machine Tool

Machine Service & Parts

  • Let us ensure you get the most life out of your industrial machines. Whether it is preventative maintenance, service calls, or remote support, the Ecotech Machine Tool team is here to serve your maintenance needs.

  • In addition to standard replacement parts, we also offer a variety of upgrades to deliver a wider array of machining functionality. Extend and upgrade the life of your machines with reliable parts.

    Learn More

Are You Seeking Durable And Reliable Grinding And Turning Machines?

You have a diverse set of machining requirements with the need for reliable and durable products. Since 2020, we've been eliminating downtime by providing long-lasting machines and quickly supplying and resolving our customer's challenges in the automotive, aerospace, military, oil, gas, paper, and recycling industries.

Ecotech Machine Tool was founded as the sales and support arm of the main international machine tool builder, Robbi Group, ALPA, and Shanghai Machine Tool Works (SMTW). We produce machine tools for the precision machining of metal parts including, grinding machines (CNC, semi-auto, & manual), turning machines (CNC & manual), milling machines, industrial products, and custom-built machines to help customers achieve quality, efficient manufacturing operations.

Technical service team members are available to assist in the selection of the most efficient, cost-effective grinder for your application.

Custom Machine Building

While our standard machines serve most of our customer's needs, there are certain applications requiring a tailored machining solution. As a result, Ecotech Machine Tool provides innovative, custom-designed, built, and installed machine tools to many of the world's most successful companies.

Our machines are flexible and versatile and are designed to allow easy integration of different accessories such as custom-built work head, spindle head, gap tables, and process gauging systems. If you're interested in our custom machines, please reach out to us and we'll walk you through a series of questions to best determine the machine type and specs that will best help you accomplish your goals.

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