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Repair &

Machine Maintenance Service

We want to ensure you get the most life out of your grinders, lathes, and other industrial machines. Whether it is preventative maintenance, service calls, or remote support, the Ecotech Machine Tool team is here to serve you and your machine maintenance needs.

Our Machine Support Services

Preventative Maintenance Program

Semi-Annual or Annual

Proactively protect your machine investment with an annual or semi-annual inspection. Upon review, we'll advise and address any issues that will improve the machine's operations and extend its life. Keep your industrial machines running and we'll supply the parts.

Machine Testing & Tune-Up

Keep Your Machine In Tip Top Shape

Every machine with numerous moving parts requires ongoing maintenance to keep it running well and extend its lifetime. As part of our service offering, we'll check and address key elements of your machines. This includes checking the level, seals, bearings, oils, hydraulics, spindle oil levels, possible leaks, filters, easily worn parts, and loose bolts. We'll also check your finished machine parts for accuracy. While there is an extra fee for releasing a stuck table, it's not worth messing with thousands of pounds of a machine to fix it yourself.

Machine Re-Leveling

No More Crooked Machines

Industrial machines used over long periods of time with intense activity will often get unleveled. Strong enough earthquakes can also break a machine's equilibrium. With an unlevel machine, you can expect finished parts to incorrectly come out and flawed barreling and taper effects on your pieces. In bad cases, the surface can chatter even with anchor bolts in place.

But, we'll relevel your machine to get you back on the high production track. Our technical support team using a professional machinist level, wedges, specialized adjusters, and other unique tools ensure your machine's front-to-back and right-to-left levels are right. 

Support Service

On-site and Remote

Tap into our service support team and we'll work with you to resolve your machine problems remotely by phone or video conferencing. Especially for older machines, we can work with you via video to review and resolve situations.

If it's more serious or hazardous, we can rule out solving it remotely and we'll send a technician to your location to resolve with parts in hand (when we know what might be wrong).

Additional Industrial Machine Services

Delivering The Service You Need When It Matters Most
  • Tailstock & alignment services
  • Resolving dings and deep scrapes in table surfaces
  • Matching surfaces
  • Line pressure & spindles (including hydro-static spindles)
  • Tightening & lubricating moving machine components
  • Remote & on-site training
  • Release stuck tables

With a strong and excellent team of mechanical, programming, and electrical technicians, our thoroughly trained specialists are here to serve your installation and service needs. Translators are even available if needed.

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Machine Service Available

Email us using the following form or give us a call at 770-279-2001.