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Robbi Internal Grinders (ID) — CNC & PLC

These internal grinding machines offer excellent versatility, high levels of quality, batch size flexibility, easy workpiece presetting, and effective complex component processing.

Internal grinding is an abrasive form of machining that uses a rough grinding wheel to cut through a variety of hard materials. This machine is a great option for grinding the internal diameter of a workpiece.

All of our Internal Grinders have heavy aged cast iron construction precisely machined and scraped by hand. Expect many years of problem-free operations and high accuracy due to the Hydro-Static lubrication system on the table.

Omicron IGR — PLC or CNC

With excellent versatility and high-quality standards, the IGR 250 and 600 provide small batch production of workpieces in manual or semi-automatic modes. You can even craft a single workpiece.

On machine-setup, the workpiece presetting is configured and then you're set to produce. Produce quickly and precisely, even when dealing with complex components, and take advantage of more sophisticated functions with machine upgrades.

Omicron IGU CNC

If your production is seeking high precision grinding, the CNC IGU 400 is the machine you're looking for. With up to 4 grinding spindles on the rotating turret, this CNC motor-controlled machine and software interpolation 2-axis allow various ray adjustments, customized to your production requirements. Also, tap into roller linear guides (for maximum rigidity), a granite base (low thermal expansion), an incremental linear encoder (dampens vibrations), and axis movement via the high precision re-circulating ball screw.

Machine Model Technical Comparison Chart

ModelHeight of Centres Over Table Workhead Rotation Speed
IGR 250
180/230 mm

0-400 RPM

Internal Grinding Machine Omicron IGR 250
IGR 600
180/230 mm

0-400 RPM

Internal Grinding Machine IGR 600
325 mm

0-800 RPM

Internal Grinding Machine IGU CNC 400

Video Gallery — Internal Grinding Machines In Action

General Information

  • Machine Types

    Semi-Automatic (PLC) & CNC

  • Models

    IGR (250 + 600) & IGU

  • Height of Centres Over Table

    180mm - 325mm

  • Max. Table Speed

    4,000mm/min - 10,000mm/min

  • Manufacturer

    The Robbi Group

Internal Grinding Components

grinding machine component,Measures and Control

Measures and Control

grinding machine component,Grinding Dressing Wheel

Grinding Dressing Wheel

grinding machine component, Operator Panel

Operator Panel

Cylindrical Grinding Machine Tailstock


cylindrical grinding machine Wheelhead


cylindrical grinding machine workhead


cylindrical grinding machine Internal Grinding Spindle

Internal Grinding Spindle

About The Robbi Group

Robbi Cylindrical Ginders since 1936

Robbi is an industrial machine manufacturer based out of Italy and since 1936. Robbi uses materials and high-quality components to deliver the utmost precision. Most of their mechanical components are created in their machine shop.

Their company mission is to design and manufacture precision machine tools, technologically advanced, reliable, safe, easy to use, and “tailor-made” for each customer.

Technical Machine Documentation


Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machines