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About Ecotech Machine Tool, LLC.

Quality Sourced. American Supported.

With several decades of experience in the manufacturing arena each, Curtis Gibbs and Richard Bembas launched Ecotech Machine Tool, a vocational evolution of their prior industrial machine sourcing employer, in 2020. 

Hardworking and entrepreneurial, this dynamic duo set out to build the type of company they could be passionate about while also delivering the quality machines their clients expected; with an added focus on machines developed in reputable areas of the world.

Their primary focus for sourcing these industrial machines comes from Europe and secondary Asian areas.

Based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Ecotech Machine Tool is able to serve American companies with purchasing, parts, and ongoing support to ensure their American-based production is reliable and strong.

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

Ronald Reagan

Meet the Team

Curtiss Gibbs

Curtis Gibbs - President

Co-Founder & Strategic Brainpower

Grown in an experimental laboratory in an unknown and secret Pennsylvanian laboratory, Curtis Gibbs eventually became human.

He entered the workforce during the early eighties as an application engineer before finally finding his sweet spot as a sales leader helping companies find the machine that will bring them and their product lines great joy.

Curtis values the sweet southeast sunsets, the perfect sound of purring industrial machines, and he also dedicates his extra time to mowing the lawns of Piedmont Park, located in downtown Atlanta.

Richard Bembas - Vice President

Co-Founder & Operational implementer

Born in the midwest, Richard served our country in the United States Navy in the early eighties working in the engine room as a machinist mate. He eventually transplanted to the Atlanta, Georgia area as his vocational journey wove him through high production and automotive manufacturing jobs across the United States.

In the mid-nineties, he shifted gears (metaphorically) entering the machine tools industry with a focus on supporting CNC machines. His role evolved into sales and purchasing before finally setting off on his own with Ecotech Machine Tools selling the machines that made the gigantic machine he once worked inside during his military service.

Also known as Rick, he enjoys long strolls in the deep forests of Georgia, seeing his lovely grandkids, and training his colorful labrador retriever.

John Wayne

Favorite Movies: The Searchers, Stagecoach, Rio Bravo, Red River, & The Quiet Man

While John Wayne is in no way affiliated with Ecotech Machine Tool, his spirit lives on through our machines. 

You Want Industrial Machines. We've Got Them.

Moving wheelhead, cylindrical grinder with roll grooving attachment
Robbi Roll Grinders
Robbi Crankshaft Grinders
Robbi Crankshaft Grinders
Robbi Cylindrical Grinders — CNC, PLC, & Conventional
SMTW Manual Cylindrical Grinder, GM12
SMTW Cylindrical Grinders — Manual
Alpa, Surface Grinders
Alpa Surface Grinders
Internal Grinding Machine Omicron IGR 250
Robbi Internal Grinders (ID) — CNC & PLC
vertical rotary grinder
Vertical Rotary Grinders
Manual Internal Grinder
Internal Grinders — Manual
Vertical Machine Center F Series
Vertical Machining Center
Sliding Gap-Bed Grinder
Sliding Gap Bed Grinder
CNC Turning Center, Aurora Seiki
Turning Center
CNC Traversing Wheelhead Cylindrical Grinders
Traversing Wheelhead Cylindrical Grinders — CNC

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