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Vertical Machining Center

Expect predictable & stable results, long-term performance, and high efficiency.

The Aurora Seiki vertical machining center has exceptional rigidity, is highly productive, decidedly efficient, and remarkably cost-effective. The vertical vibration-absorbing machining center is a high-performing and powerful machining center. The machine's structure provides excellent harmonic dampening properties.

F-series Vertical Machining Center Features

  • This series employs high precision roller-type linear ways.
  • The motor end parts on 3 axes are precision scraped before mounting and carefully pre-tensioned after assembly, enabling the transmission system to achieve lifetime stability.
  • The X-axis is equipped with 6 blocks.
  • The saddle and table are a box-type construction with an increased height on structural parts, featuring lightweight and high rigidity.
  • A perfect combination of speed and structural stability.
  • Oversized base and column, reinforced column bottom, and solid Z-axis structure assure vibration-free cutting.
  • A rigid ball screw with double nuts is driven by a powerful servo motor.
  • The extra-wide span between linear ways effectively upgrades dynamic accuracy.
  • Equipped with a Fanuc 0i-MF control for higher speed and accuracy.
  • An internet interface (front-mounted CF card slot & USB port device) is provided for increased safety and convenience during machining.

Technical Machine Documentation

F-Series Vertical Machining Center

Technical Specs

General Information

  • Models

    F-23, F-30, F-32, F-40, F-45, F-53

About Aurora Seiki

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Located in Taichung, Taiwan's heavy industry heart, Aurora Seiki designs, manufactures, sells and supports CNC machine tools including Machining Centers (vertical and horizontal). They believe a combination of corporate resources and machine tools focus provides exceptional technology and quality machines.