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SMTW Cylindrical Grinders — Manual

Shaping the outside of an object with a central axis of rotation, our SMTW manual cylindrical grinders work on cylinders, ellipses, cams, or crankshafts.

Designed for large rolls and shaft-type work, these GM manual cylindrical grinders are the largest of our grinders. These industrial machines are used for steel, paper, aviation, automotive, and military applications.

Built with a heavy-aged cast iron frame, our manual cylindrical grinders by SMTW are precision machined and hand-scraped. Equipped with a hydro-dynamic spindle and a hydrostatic lubrication system on the table and wheelhead ways, our manual series delivers control and versatility.

You can expect reliable function for many years of trouble-free operation along with high accuracy machining.

SMTW GM Series - Manual Grinding Machines

Designed for large rolls and shaft-type work, the SMTW GM series of manual cylindrical grinders are some of the largest machines we offer.

With a history of reliability for the steel and paper industry, these high-precision grinders have also been used for the manufacturing of exotic rolls.

With dead centers, these durable machines provide high levels of repeatability accuracy. A step pulley drive system designed for the work head provides six variable speeds.

A pick feed can also be used to feed on either end of the traverse or both ends along with a variable feed adjuster. As it is a manual machine, the wheel head is retracted by actuating the handle on the feed.

Machine Model Technical Comparison Chart

ModelMax. Grinding DiameterSwing Over Table
8" (200mm)

10.23" (260mm)

GM12 manual cylindrical grinder
12.59" (320mm)

13.77" (350mm)

GM12 manual cylindrical grinder
20" (500mm)

21.00" (535mm)

24.80" (630mm)

27.16" (690mm)

gm20 manual cylindrical grinder
31.49" (800mm)

38.97" (990mm)

gm32 manual cylindrical grinder

General Information

  • Machine Types

    Conventional (Manual)

  • Models

    GM8, GM12, GM20, GM25, & GM32

  • Max Diameter Size

    8" - 32"

  • Distance Between Centers

    19" - 79"

  • Manufacturer


About SMTW (Shanghai Machine Tool Works)


Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co. Ltd. manufactures machine tools and is the largest of its kind. This Chinese company produces cylindrical grinders for industrial applications with precision measuring instruments.

It was originally established as a Chinese agricultural business in 1946 but was reorganized in 1950 for developing industrial grinding machines. Their facilities cover over 354, 200 square meters and employ over 1,500 people.

SMTW machines are found across the globe in over eighty different countries including the United States and most European countries. They deliver competitive prices and quality machines.

Video Gallery — Cylindrical Grinding Machines In Action

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SMTW GM Series

SMTW Manual Cylindrical Grinding Machines