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Manual Machines

Before computer numerical control (CNC) machining came to be, there were MANUAL industrial machines. Manual control uses wheels and levers to adjust equipment and is more reliable for certain applications.

Ecotech Machinery offers a range of Manual grinding machines, delivering options you need to produce at the quality and precision required for your application. 

Manual Cylindrical Grinders

Operated for shaping the outer part of an object, cylindrical grinders provide the power to create. We offer the following manual cylindrical grinders.

Other Manual Grinding Machines

In addition to our cylindrical grinders, we also offer other options to help you craft and shape hard materials of all kinds in a variety of methods.

Custom Built Manual Grinding Machines

Don't see the manual grinder you're looking for? Contact us using the form below, let us know your machining needs, and we'll put together a custom-built machine specifically for your grinding purposes.

Our Manual Machines

Alpa, Surface Grinders

Alpa Surface Grinders

Grinding Machines
An industrial surface grinder is a machine that you use for smooth finishes on flat surfaces. This commonly used machining system cuts metallic and non-metallic materials with a grinding wheel, leaving a flat and sometimes smooth surface...
Manual Internal Grinder

Internal Grinders — Manual

Grinding Machines
Our Manual Internal Grinders offers a flexible workhead with 4 different work speeds and variable speed workhead. The Internal grinder has a universal spindle nose that can be fitted with a four jaw chuck or faceplate to give the end-use...
Mitsui, Surface Grinders

Mitsui Precision Surface Grinders

Grinding Machines
Precision grinding is a core capability of our Mitsui machines, leading to significant advancements in the manufacture of high-accuracy dies and contributing to global prosperity. Mitsui High-tec, Inc. designs its machines using st...
Robbi Crankshaft Grinders

Robbi Crankshaft Grinders

Grinding Machines
Our Crankshaft grinders by Robbi are used for grinding journals and crank pins to remove material and refurbish this vital engine part and expensive-to-replace unit. Usually done when rebuilding an engine, crankshaft grinding also improv...

Robbi Cylindrical Grinders — CNC, PLC, & Conventional

Grinding Machines
Ecotech Machine Tool's primary universal cylindrical grinding machines are made in Italy by the worldwide leading manufacturer, ROBBI. These machines use high-quality components and an internal workshop produces most of the mechanical co...
SMTW Manual Cylindrical Grinder, GM12

SMTW Cylindrical Grinders — Manual

Grinding Machines
Shaping the outside of an object with a central axis of rotation, our SMTW manual cylindrical grinders work on cylinders, ellipses, cams, or crankshafts. Designed for large rolls and shaft-type work, these GM manual cylindrical grinders...
vertical rotary grinder

Vertical Rotary Grinders

Grinding Machines
Vertical Rotary Grinders provide high efficiency compared to conventional surface grinders due to the amount of grinding wheel in contact with the surface area of the workpiece. Their extremely rugged construction and high grinding power...