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Quality Conventional Machines & Reliable Support Is Why This Grinding Company Went With Ecotech Machine Tool

About Commerce Grinding Company

Commerce Grinding Company is a machining job shop with over 2,000 clients all over the United States and Europe. The 70-employee grinding business has been located in Texas since its inception in 1976 and services customers in the Oilfield, airline, tooling, and food industries.

Because of the nature of their work, most of the pieces they create are custom and unique to each of their clients, requiring the use of conventional (manual) machines. Ecotech Machine Tool is one of the few stateside companies providing this unique solution.

The Machine Situation

Commerce Grinding Company's multi-decade old machines were getting worn out (with support no longer available, or poorly delivered), and it became the wiser decision to stop repairing these old decaying machines and replace them with updated and reliable alternatives.

Commerce began buying a few machines from Ecotech Machine Tool, whose longevity in the business gave confidence their machines would be reliable and support, available. The ongoing, expected customer service from Ecotech would help them grow and sustain their business when issues arose. As time progressed, they increased the number of machines purchased and bought a variety of sizes.

Their orders included six large OD cylindrical manual grinding machines with a 32-inch swing. The most massive machine had a 156-inch length with a 32x156 inch limit. The smallest machine had a 12x60 inch size limit. Some of the customizations involved certain workheads, riser blocks, and additional swing capabilities. All requests made by the clients were included.

"Machines are not worth anything if they're not working. Ecotech Machine Tool does what they say they will, and if something goes wrong, they make it right. Support is the primary reason we stay with Ecotech."

Mike Johnson, President

Ecotech Machine Tool Supports Machines With Excellence

In the hands of Commerce's highly qualified operators, they were able to hit the ground running on the new heavy and stiff machines. These robust and rigid custom machines were durable products provided at a great price, and Commerce Grinding Company found great value in the follow-up technical advice, replacement parts (many of which are in stock), and the quick resolutions of unexpected problems. 

Join Commerce Grinding Company's Success

You too can explore our manual cylindrical grinder selection by clicking here. 

And, if you have questions about our machines or this project, please call us at 770-279-2001 or email us using the following contact form.