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The Omicron 3000 P T7

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Are you looking to enhance your machining capabilities and achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency in your cylindrical grinding processes? We have the perfect solution for you!

Allow us to introduce the Omicron 3000 P T7 Universal Cylindrical Grinder – a powerhouse of cutting-edge technology and precision engineering that will elevate your operations to the highest levels of excellence.

Key Features of The Omicron 3000 P T7

  1. Impressive Capacity: With a maximum swing of 23.42 inches, a massive maximum grinding length of 118.11 inches, and a capability to handle workpieces weighing up to 2600 lbs, the Omicron 3000 P T7 is engineered to tackle even your most demanding projects with ease.

  2. Precision Wheelhead: Equipped with a 14.75 hp hydrodynamic wheelhead, this grinder ensures a smooth and accurate grinding experience, delivering exceptional results every time.

  3. Auto Balancing System: Say goodbye to the hassles of manual wheel balancing. The Omicron 3000 P T7 features an intelligent auto-balancing system that ensures the perfect balance for optimal grinding outcomes.

  4. Safety First: The gap crash control feature guarantees the protection of both your equipment and your valuable workpieces, preventing accidental damage during operation.

  5. Cooling Efficiency: The magnetic paper coolant system maintains the ideal operating temperature, preserving the integrity of your tools and workpieces while prolonging the grinder's lifespan.

  6. Intuitive Interface: The 12-inch LED touchscreen offers a user-friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for easy control and monitoring of your grinding processes. It's all at your fingertips!

  7. Clean and Healthy Workspace: The dust mist collector efficiently removes airborne particles, keeping your workspace clean and maintaining a healthy environment for your team.

  8. Cutting-Edge Control: The T7 control system offers a suite of powerful grinding software, making the Omicron 3000 P T7 a breeze to operate. You'll benefit from guided and simple procedures for workpiece and diamond referencing, significantly reducing setup times.

  9. Versatile Grinding Options: The grinder is equipped with an array of grinding cycles for OD/ID, including pass, plunge, and shoulder grinding, providing versatility for your various projects.

  10. Precision Dressing: The dressing cycle ensures that your grinding wheel is always in optimal condition, guaranteeing consistently accurate results.

The Omicron 3000 P T7 is more than a grinder; it's a productivity enhancer. It's designed to save you time, reduce waste, and increase the quality of your finished products.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your grinding operations.

Contact us today for a personalized demonstration and to learn more about how the Omicron 3000 P T7 can benefit your business.

Take your cylindrical grinding to the next level!

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About The Robbi Group

For over eight decades, Robbi Group has been at the forefront of precision machine tool manufacturing. Founded in Italy in 1936, their commitment to technological advancements, reliability, and safety is unmatched. The heart of their mission lies in creating tailor-made, user-friendly solutions for each customer's unique needs.

Are you ready to elevate your grinding precision and efficiency? Contact us today to learn more about the OMICRON P T7 and how it can transform your production processes.