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This Aluminum Manufacturer Far Exceeds Previous Performance With The Use Of Ecotech Machine Tool

About Exal

Exal is a green designer and manufacturer of aluminum bottles for food and beverages, medicinal drugs, and aerosol. Their numerous clients, including, Coca-Cola, Bud Light, Dove, and L'Oréal, leverage aluminum for its recyclability and lightweight.

The Situation

Before Exal purchased a high-performance grinding machine from Ecotech Machine Tool, they were using two older machines, including a Toyoda grinder. Their second older machine was a backup in case the primary one unexpectedly broke down (which is no longer needed).

"Rick and his crew at Ecotech Machine Tool have been tremendously supportive, and they programmed the angular grinder for Exal specific needs. It's a hell of a machine."

Dewey May, Machine Shop Manager, Exal Corp.

The Grinding Solution

After Exal inquired, Ecotech Machine Tool flew into their location, evaluated their applications and space, and made a recommendation to purchase a GC8A-30 Angular Approach CNC Grinder

In every way, this new machine outperformed the Toyoda grinder. What took three hours with the old machine now only takes one hour with the Ecotech grinder. It's faster and doesn't squeal or vibrate like their previous machine. 

Because of how powerful this new machine has been, Exal doesn't even use the old Toyoda that would run full time during the week. The new machine from Ecotech only runs 1 or 2 days per week to produce the 30-50 pieces needed. This efficiency also results in less wear and tear and more longevity for the grinder.

Because of the machine size, there was extra work required to map out the floor plan and reconfigure the space to ensure the maximum effectiveness for this grinder, and the other operations taking place in the shared space. It was an easy installation process, and the learning curve to use the machine was manageable for the on-site crew. 

Whether it's making tooling, punches, extrusion ends, or dies that form the shape of the cans; our machine handled all of Exal's needs. With our ongoing support and quick response, Exal knows they not only have a company that delivered them a machine but a partner that will help support and grow their business.

"We ended up having an issue with the Hydraulic spindle where the wheel wouldn't come on. I called Richard, and he walked us through the problem over the phone to get us back up and running. He was great, and for a much more affordable price than the Toyoda grinder, it's a no-brainer to work with Ecotech Machine Tool"

Dewey May, Machine Shop Manager, Exal Corp.

Join Exal's Machining Success

Are you interested in exploring our CNC Angular Approach grinding machines? We've got multiple sizes and upgrades to provide the best tool to bolster up your organization's offering. Email us using the following form or give us a call at 770-279-2001.