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We've Upgraded Our Website & Changed Our Name

| Company Updates

If you have not yet noticed, we’ve updated our name, our logo, and our website! And while there are new owners at the steering wheel, it’s the people who have been serving you all these years that now steer the Ecotech ship.

These changes are all part of a transition that’s unfolded at Ecotech Machine Tool (Formerly Ecotech Machinery) the past 2 years. Ecotech Machinery was owned and operated by a Chinese entity that decided to move in a different direction.

The company has now been fully transitioned to us American-made owners, Curtis Gibbs and Richard Bembas. We continue to provide quality sourced, and now American-supported, industrial grinderslathes, and milling machines.

In addition to our SMTW manual grinders, we’ve also extended our lineup through a partnership with The Robbi Group. Look out for further details about this partnership and an Atlanta showroom (this winter) for these Italian-made machines.