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The Robbi Group is an industrial machine manufacturer based out of Italy since 1936. Robbi uses materials and high-quality components to deliver the utmost precision. Most of their mechanical components are created in their machine shop.

Their company mission is to design and manufacture precision machine tools, technologically advanced, reliable, safe, easy to use, and “tailor-made” for each customer.


These machines are very popular if you want to meet high standards of precision, flexibility, and fast set-up times. They are reliable and precise; extremely easy to handle for accurate processing.


Work preparation is simple and intuitive Cylindrical grinding machines use brushless motors and ball screws Micrometric movements are performed using electronic flyers.


Suitable for medium or large production volumes, these machines combine the ability to achieve high precision with flexibility of use. The software allows the operator to realize in a simple and intuitive way programs of a grinding cycle of complex parts.

Our Robbi Group Machines

Grinding Machines
Ecotech Machine Tool's primary universal cylindrical grinding machines are made in Italy by the worldwide leading manufacturer, ROBBI. These machines use high-quality components and an internal workshop produces most of the mechanical co...
Moving wheelhead, cylindrical grinder with roll grooving attachment
Grinding Machines
Our MSG CNC series of roll grinding machines are ideally suited to the grinding of carbon fiber, rubber, ceramic, composite, and ferrous alloy rolls. The following are some of the competitive advantages of grinding machines in the rol...
Robbi Crankshaft Grinders
Grinding Machines
Our Crankshaft grinders by Robbi are used for grinding journals and crank pins to remove material and refurbish this vital engine part and expensive-to-replace unit. Usually done when rebuilding an engine, crankshaft grinding also improv...
Internal Grinding Machine Omicron IGR 250
Grinding Machines
These internal grinding machines offer excellent versatility, high levels of quality, batch size flexibility, easy workpiece presetting, and effective complex component processing. Internal grinding is an abrasive form of machining that...