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We are excited to highlight this Robbi machine from our precision machining lineup - the Omicron P T7 semi-automatic cylindrical grinding machine.

For those seeking unparalleled versatility, exceptional quality, and advanced grinding capabilities, this is the machine you’ve been seeking!

Experience Excellence in Grinding

The OMICRON P T7 boasts exceptional versatility and sets new industry standards for quality.

Whether you're dealing with intricate components or complex workpieces, this machine delivers unparalleled precision with remarkable speed.

Its ability to process complex components swiftly and accurately makes it the perfect solution for single or small batch production workpieces.

Even in manual mode, its performance is outstanding.

Seamless Precision

What truly sets the OMICRON P T7 apart is its easy preset of the working diameter and automatic compensation of diameter after dressing. This feature guarantees consistent precision and uncompromising accuracy throughout your grinding processes. The in-process measuring gauge and gap control systems, available upon request, further elevate its precision capabilities, ensuring your workpieces meet the highest standards.

Technical Prowess - A Closer Look

  • Max. Distance Between Centers: 3150 mm

  • Max. Grinding Length: 3000 mm

  • Height of Centers Over Table: 300 mm

  • Swing Over Table: 595 mm

  • Max. Weight on Centers: 1200 kg

  • Max. Weight at 150 mm from Spindle Nose: 120 kg

Robust Build, Tailored Precision

The OMICRON P T7 is designed to withstand rigorous industrial demands. Its exceptional build quality stems from the legacy of the Robbi Group, a renowned industrial machine manufacturer since 1936.

Every component is meticulously crafted in their machine shop using premium materials and high-quality components, ensuring your investment in precision will stand the test of time.

About The Robbi Group

For over eight decades, Robbi Group has been at the forefront of precision machine tool manufacturing. Founded in Italy in 1936, their commitment to technological advancements, reliability, and safety is unmatched. The heart of their mission lies in creating tailor-made, user-friendly solutions for each customer's unique needs.

Are you ready to elevate your grinding precision and efficiency? Contact us today to learn more about the OMICRON P T7 and how it can transform your production processes.